Trion Worlds Announces First RIFT Expansion with Storm Legion

The first full RIFT expansion is coming this fall and will add new continents aiming to triple the world size.
There has been some teased information recently about a storm coming to RIFT. Today we got to learn more about what that storm is. RIFTÂ’s first expansion, Storm Legion, is set to release this fall.

GameSpot got the chance to chat with Executive Producer Scott Hartsman about what the expansion will add to the game, and it looks to be pretty big. Trion Worlds will be adding two new continents, which aim to triple the size of Telara. The expansion will also expand on the instant quest system, a level cap increase to 60, new world and zone events, the city of Tempest Bay, a new soul for each calling and more.

Check out the trailer embed below and the full story over at GameSpot.

Source: GameSpot

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