Try RIFT: Storm Legion for Free This Weekend

Make your return to the planes of Telara this weekend to sample RIFT’s newest content update and expansion.

Trion Worlds is offering former RIFT players a chance to return once again to Telara for a few days of free game play to sample the latest content. Players can log back into RIFT from Friday, December 14th through Tuesday, December 18th and try out the new Storm Legion expansion along with the latest game update, 2.1: Endless Eclipse, scheduled to hit live servers tomorrow. Additionally, all players, including RIFT Lite users, can take part in the new Yule Festival world event and build private and guild Dimensions.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here to join in on this weekend’s event. Check out our Storm Legion review to learn more about RIFT's first expansion.

Source: Try Storm Legion Free Announcement

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