Rift Soul Overviews - The Saboteur

Updated Thu, Jun 30, 2011 by Medawky

The Saboteur

Calling: Rogue
Role: DPS
Primary Attribute: Dex

Few of Rift’s souls are mundane, and it seems we describe many of them as unique, but the Saboteur takes it to a whole new level.  The idea of a sneaky, crafty, behind the scenes shadow warrior is nothing new in the world of rogues, but one that can determine the outcome of a battle before it ever begins is certainly a new wrinkle in an olde genre.  



  • Unique gameplay 
  • Blend of action and strategy
  • Focuses player on one path
  • Makes things go boom!
  • Excellent PvP soul


  • Can't use other souls combos toward finishing moves
  • Overwhelmed by multiple mobs
  • Needs time to set up attacks


Using explosives, incendiary devices and traps to control the battlefield, the Saboteur is soul unlike any other in the rogue calling. While many rogues are adept at using preemptive strikes and unseen attacks, the Saboteur elevates it to an art form. The Saboteur makes an excellent PvP combatant due to the nature of their traps and their ability to stack high burst DPS attacks that can’t be avoided. Unfortunately unlike many of the rogue souls that can intermingle and mix their opening moves and finishers, the Saboteur is locked into using their unique set of abilities.

Solo Play

Traditionally rogues are in their element when they act alone and the Saboteur is a perfect example. Trapping their foes and then setting them up with bombs and charges, they thrive on creating chaos. Detonating charges may sound like a brute force operation, but smart Saboteurs will vary their attacks and use multiple openers to capitalize on a talent known as Charge Booster that effectively doubles the potency of each type of deployed charge.

Group Play

A Saboteur can find a home in a group as their DPS can be impressive when played properly, but many groups are reluctant to invite one as it is a hard soul to master.  If the group is PvP oriented however, the Saboteur can be the cornerstone of a ruthless team. With so much utility geared towards disabling and disrupting their opponents, plus damage that unavoidable, the Saboteur  plays well in the player vs player sandbox. 

Pairs Best With

Nightblade & Riftstalker

We normally like to suggest pairings that have the highest amount of synergy or that directly enhance each other, but it’s not so easy with the Saboteur.  With no other soul being able to contribute combo point builders to the Saboteur, we instead want to look for souls that have the most damage increasing abilities for the lowest cost. The Nightblade and the Riftstalker meet these criteria with a 15% increase to combo point generating abilities and a 15% increase in attack power for 5 points in respective soul.  3 more points into Unstable State in the Nightblade tree adds a 9% increase to the damage of all non-physical damage, of which all of the earth based charges and traps are included.

i roll sab mainly for lvl 20-35 invasion bosses in pvp i prefer my MM-bladedancer-rift build at lvl 30s no one can keep up and melees cant touch me with a few tweeks casters r gonna hate me even more :)

Is there a Nightblade soul review?

i d like to suggest, nightblade/MM as a better soulpairing since MM gives u raged autoattacks wich can be fired while adding explosives. MM gives nice knockback arrow in t2 too.
the other possible soulpairing is ranger/bard. ranger same as MM grants ranged autoattacks and a nice pet that keeps enemys away from you till you finished setting up ur explosives. since stealth is useless with active pet i choose bard for the 3rd soul because it grants some nice buffs.
maybe u like my suggestions and add them to your overview. :)


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