Rift Soul Overviews: The Warden

The Warden

The Warden

Calling: Cleric
Role: Healing
Primary Attribute: WIS

Healing over time is the specialty of the Warden, making them a prime candidate for raid healing or support heals. Deep spec Wardens are the picture of efficiency and are highly desirable even as a second or third soul in a well rounded build


  • Extremely efficient
  • Continual heals help mitigate spike damage
  • Well suited for PvP
  • Excellent survivability


  • Lack of big heals
  • Requires a proactive player, not a reactive one
  • Maximum benefits lie deep in the tree


The Warden is a heal over time specialist who draws their power from the currents of oceans and streams, manifesting those waters in the form of healing energy. What they lack in speed they more than make up in stamina as their abilities lend themselves best to long, drawn out encounters. Wardens are not great tank healers, but there may be no one better at keeping the rest of the group alive.

Solo Play

As with any primary healing soul, the Warden is a tough road to hoe as the primary focus of a build when it comes to soloing. That being said, they are the perfect compliment to any of the DPS souls in the calling as their efficiency and survivability are hard to beat. The Warden also has one of the more dependable knock-backs in the game which allows them to better control the battlefield.

Group Play

During the leveling experience most groups will only need one healer as they progress through normal dungeons. While the Warden is a fine healer - a build with this as the primary soul will usually struggle in that role. A deep spec Warden really shines in large group or raid content however as they can easily handle the topping off and healing of multiple targets, as well as assist the main tank healers by providing a blanket of steady healing to help mitigate incoming damage.

Pairs Best With


Even though the official game documentation recommends pairing the Warden with the other two healing souls, when paired with a DPS soul is when it really shines. A Warden/Druid combination conjures up memories of druids from other MMOGs; such as Everquest and WoW, giving the jack-of-all-trades soul one thing it is missing in Rift - capable heals. The truly brave will pair these two souls with a shaman for a build that was born to chain pull mobs.


Combing a strong HoT soul with a strong AoE healing soul is a no-brainer when forging a top notch raid healer. Although their may be some overlap in these two souls, there is plenty of synergy to be found such as Embolden, which increases the radius of AoE heals with as few as 11 points spent. Throw in the increases to spell power and healing effectiveness as well as a nice statistical buff and you get a lot of power for not a lot of points when combining these two souls.

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