Rift Soul Overview: The Cabalist

The Cabalist

The Cabalist

Calling: Cleric
Role: DPS
Primary Stat: INT 

The perfect soul for those that prefer the darker side of the cleric calling, The Cabalist is an offensive soul that draws on the power of darkness and decay to spread their brand of faith. The real power of the soul is felt as the centerpiece to a DPS build, but it can compliment any build looking for a little more firepower.


  • Powerful AoE damage
  • Unique mechanics are fun to play
  • Mana regen ability minimizes downtime
  • Talents work well in PvE and PvP


  • Damage takes time to ramp up
  • Not the easiest soul to master for a new player
  • Less survivability than other Cleric souls


A lethal DPS soul, the Cabalist is one of the more intricate and nuanced in the game. Using two unique mechanics to enhance damage the Cabalist must learn how to master Sigils; a self-buff that is unleashed for various effects and Decay; a stacking channeled ability that deals damage and marks the enemy for other devastating effects.  Like the cumulative damage they deal, the Cabalist starts slow but builds to a powerful crescendo as they advance through the levels.

Solo Play

The Cabalist really comes into its own at later levels, so the bulk of the solo levels will be spent utilizing different souls. It would be prudent however to keep it around as a secondary or tertiary soul to gain familiarity as there is a learning curve to gain mastery here. Cabalists are well suited for the environs of Telara with their solid repertoire of AoE damage abilities.

Group Play

Cabalists are a solid choice for your ranged DPS slot in any group. Never ones to challenge a tank for threat with spiky burst damage, the Cabalist instead weaves their magic over time. This shadowy presence is a perfect choice in raids and dungeons as they are content to do their thing from the sidelines, going largely unnoticed until itÂ’s too late.

Pairs Best With


Pairing with Inquisitor adds extra crowd control and increases survivability, shoring up two of the soul's major weaknesses. The Inquisitor also uses a good deal of death magic to do their work, so there is a natural synergy at work here. At 14 points into the root advancement, Soul Drain is another AoE spell that feels right at home in the Cabalist's arsenal.


Adding a healing soul to the mix rounds out a solid build without detracting too much from the damage potential. The thought here is that you will spend very few points in this tree, but you will reap huge rewards for the investment. At 6 points spent you gain a damage absorption shield, a direct heal and a reactive heal - as well as a couple of direct damage abilities.

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