RIFT 1.3 Hotfix Brings Back LFG Tool and Opens Guild Banks

RIFT's 1.3 update got off to a rough start yesterday, but today's hotfix puts things back on track.
RIFTÂ’s 1.3 update went live yesterday, but the launch was followed up by extended downtime that kept servers down for several more hours. Unfortunately, once servers came back up, the Looking for Group tool had been disabled after a bug was discovered that could cause entire shards to crash once random groups were formed. Additionally, one of the headline features for the update, guild banks, had to also be delayed.

Luckily, Trion Worlds continues to impress with their speed at resolving issues. TodayÂ’s hotfix not only brings back the Looking for Group tool, but guild banks are also now live. Check out todayÂ’s hotfix patch notes for all the details.

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