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Okay so first let us first explore the mage a bit more.  You are a damage dealer through and through.  There is nothing that you are better at or ever will be better at.  You will have minimal health and a very deep mana pool.  You will pew pew the stuffing right out of every beast, humanoid, demon, and hostile mob you encounter.  You kill things and you are good at it!

But alas the thankless work of sending your enemies to the nether gets boring at times.  Perhaps you want to take up knitting.  Does anybody care?  Of course they donÂ’t; and you donÂ’t really want to knit anyways.  You just want to be the best pew pewer that this game has ever seen!

This, my fellow adventurer, is where Dual Classing comes into play. How can you be a better damage dealer? Maybe itÂ’s by adding the Priest for a second class so you can heal yourself and the occasional party member while you dish out large helpings of pain upon your foes.  Perhaps you want to explore a more vampiric approach by adding the shadowy Rogue as your second class.  The possibilities are endless as to what you can do when you add your second class.


Here are a few key things to look at no matter what your primary class is or what you are choosing for your secondary class.

  • Choose wisely – matching energy pools can be a very bad thing
  • Research – even though Runes is a fairly young game there is enough info out there to make an informed decision
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Pick two classes that suit you – if you donÂ’t choose for you then you will not play the toon in the long run
  • Remember the class is for you so while it may not be optimal all dual class choices have their advantages in group play
  • The “class specific” abilities are not accessible from your secondary class.
  • You only gain 10% of abilities only to enhance the stats of your primary class.

Alright! Now we get down to the who and the what.  Which classes do what when coupled with the all powerful Mage class?  Below you will find a three part chart that will help you along your decision making path.  For this guide we will not include a full list of elites that you can receive with each class.  This is going to cover more of the what.  A full list of elites that you can obtain are listed here for the Mage/** dual class options.   

Class Combo What it does TTH Score
Mage/Druid Information is limited based on the druid being a new class.  It seems this dual option increases accuracy and output for now.  This class combo looks like it could be as technical as the Mage/Priest option so be careful when venturing down this road. --
Mage/Knight The holy-nuker class wields the power of light to decimate their foes.  Take a few high damage burst shots, mix in a decent area of effect damage dealer and toss a couple of damage over time spells and you have yourself a decent all around damage dealer. 8
Mage/Priest The pwn your face manalicious class that will burn enemies to the ground all while tossing heals around. The biggest risk with this class is running out of mana thus making this a very technical yet versatile class to play. 7.5
Mage/Rogue The vampire class allows you to embrace the shadow and still win the adoration of friends and guildies alike. Simply put you take all the high damage of the Mage and couple that with the bleeds and med-high damage of a Rogue, you cannot go wrong. 8.5
Mage/Scout A Mage pet class? Sure why not. The combo of this dual class gives you a flame spirit pet.  ItÂ’s not the most powerful but add that to your own attacks and it gives you away to keep the pests away whilst you nuke them down from a distance. 7
Mage/Warden Information is limited here as well based on the Warden being the other new class.  It seems this dual option is going to offer some debuffs as well as some possible high damage low accuracy output. --
Mage/Warrior The mana battery class lets you use the warrior to raise your max mana pool as well as gives you a decent regen to build the now larger pool back up!  The good news is this works both ways and if you need to flip to melee for a moment you can and kick up your rage for the initial swap and beat down that guy who go to close. 7.5

****All information is based off of available elite skills and general class information.  TTH scores are based on general Runes of Magic information and how they are perceived to play in the game. Actual game time with the dual class listed varies greatly. If you have suggestions or updates please feel free to post in the form below and notify ZeroMerc by PM or e-mail ([email protected]) so that we may be as up to date and accurate as possible. Thanks!!

-Final Thoughs-

The Mage class only does one thing and is really really good at it. This works to the advantage in that as soon as you roll a mage you know what your focus is going to be without question. So if you are in the biz of putting major hurt on your foes then a Mage is for you and I am sure you couldnÂ’t be happier!!

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