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Runes of Magic - The Professions

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RoM - Alchemy/Tailoring

Let us forget for a moment that you have to level each character you play in Runes of Magic twice (once for each class) which will take up its own large chunk of time and move onto the professions element in Runes of Magic.

The professions in Runes are numerous and you can learn them all. That is right, ALL of them. Let us first go through what all the professions are and what you can do with them.

The gathering professions are:

  • Mining - allows you to collect ore for production
  • Woodcutting - allows you to collect wood for production
  • Herbalism - allows you to collect herbs for production

The production professions are:

  • Alchemy - alchemists brew potions that are used for various things. The typical energy pool and health regen plus some of them will also give you buffs
  • Armorcrafting - armorcrafting is a bit different in Runes. Its half of what I have come to know as the normal “blacksmithing” profession. With this one you will craft the wearable armor. Leather, Chainmail and Plate armors.
  • Blacksmithing - the other half of what is normally known as Blacksmithing, this is where you will create your Weapons and Shields
  • Carpentry - ah, actual wood workers. I think some other MMOÂ’s could take a page out of this book and do this. With Carpentry you can create Staves, Bows, and Talismans
  • Cooking - cooking is the standard profession that you would think it is, you create food that will give you buffs when eaten
  • Tailoring - the only armor in game that is not created by the Armorcrafting professions is the cloth armor and that is what tailoring is for!!

RoM - Carpentry

Alright so now the how do I craft info. So when crafting itÂ’s important that there are actually 3 other so called professions, if you will, that are not really professions at all but for the sake of this being the profession guide we shall call them that even though that is not what they are at all. Savvy?

They are as follows. Smelting, Extraction, and Woodcrafting. You need these so called professions to process the raw materials from the gathering professions to a usable format so you can actually make stuff with them.

Moving along into how you level up. They are all very simple really. For the gathering professions you simply go out and find them and gather them. You do have to be appropriate level ( which IÂ’ll be covering later in the guide) in order to collect them. The way that they level is a bit odd. Every time you swing your pick for say mining you will get the mineral and a percentage, say 10%. This means for that level on that mineral you have to swing the pick 10 times. The problem comes when you are gathering several different types of minerals and you have no idea where your professions are at for level and percentage. Just keep swinging if you are getting a percentage then you are swinging in the right direction!

When you are performing the professions that are not professions (weÂ’ll call these sub-professions) at all you will need to be near the appropriate tools. So for Smelting you will need to be near Blacksmithing tools, Extraction near Alchemy Tools, and Woodcrafting near Carpentry Tools. Remember these are not really professions so you will still need all of these tools (which are really more areas you have to travel too to actually use them on the regular map) for the real production professions.

[protip] If you are one of the crafty types but are like I and hate having to share then you can get all of the tools in your home. They are not cheap and will take some time to get but yeah, you canÂ… cause Frogster said so! And yes it even works for the non-profession professions!! [/protip]

The professions are divided into four groups of levels. Profession levels (from here on out knows as plvl) are broken down as such:

  • Plvl 1-20 ----- apprentices
  • Plvl 21-40 ---- craftsmen
  • Plvl 41-60 ---- adepts
  • Plvl 61-80 ---- masters

Why is this important? I shall tell you. When leveling up (excluding the sub-professionsÂ…. and now you know why I said they are not really professions) you can level them all to level 20, only 6 of the 9 to level 40, only 3 to level 60, and only one to level 80. That is right MMO fans. You can only have ONE profession, per toon of course, that is max level. When you are leveling as with anything you will want to make sure you are careful. It seems you can unlearn the profession but at this time I am not sure how. There are two ways it seems either by a potion that is created by an alchemist OR as seems to be a theme in the game you can get some type of profession rune and make the profession you want to learn go poof!

So you can learn them all but you cannot master them allÂ… Oddly like life. Anyways, those are your learnable professions and non-professions as they were.

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