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Jagex Launches Old School Servers for RuneScape

By Stacy Jones -

Jagex gave the players a chance to vote on taking RuneScape old school and they took advantage of it. After the vote which is still ongoing and in which a sizable number of players favor the idea, Jagex today announced the official launch of the new Old School servers for RuneScape.

Over the next week, players will have the chance to vote on whether the Old School servers will receive basic service with critical maintenance support or get a full development team dedicated to creating new content and evolving that version of the game in a different direction. What the new servers will get depends on just how many votes it receives with the full dev team earmarked at the 500k mark. And as of this writing, there are already nearly 300k with the voting poll set to remain open until March 1st.

Early access to the Old School servers starts today and any all players that vote will have free access through March 31st.

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