RuneScape Adds Rise of the Six Mini-Game

Jagex beefs up the Barrows Brothers in RuneScape to offer players a new challenge with some old foes.

If you’re a RuneScape player of at least combat level 80, Jagex has a new challenge waiting for you this week with Rise of the Six. The new content tasks a group of four players with traveling to the Shadow Realm to face the six Barrows Brothers, who have been given a bit of an upgrade with new tactics, skills, and even shifting environments. If you manage to win, there’s phat lewt waiting for you.

Rise of the Six is now live and available to RuneScape members or through use of the Bonds system. You can check out the trailer below for a behind the scenes look at the new content and read the Rise of the Six page for more.

Source: Jagex Press Release

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