Sevencore Shutting Down in April

Posted Tue, Mar 19, 2013 by Martuk

Bad news for Sevencore players today. Publisher Gala-Net has announced that service for the game is shutting down at the end of April. In a post to the Sevencore website, Gala-Net explained the reason for the closure.

SEVENCORE has proved to be less attractive to players than anticipated and thus become unprofitable for the developer to be continued as a game. Without the developer’s support, we see ourselves with no other choice than to close the service, unfortunately,” Gale-Net wrote.

Luckily, players that may have been caught blind by this announcement will have a chance to be reimbursed fully for their gPotato currency spent between February 1st and today. Reimbursements of 30%-75% will be given for purchases prior to that date. Gala-Net is also working on a package offer of some sort for Sevencore players that has yet to be finalized.

You can read more about the closure on the Sevencore website.

Source: Sevencore Closure Announcement


The MMO market gets condensed down a bit more this month as Webzen moves to acquire Gala-Net and the gPotato portal.

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