Richard Garriott Talks Shroud of the Avatar this Friday

Portalarium founder and legendary game developer Richard Garriott joins Hangout of the Avatar this Friday to answer fan questions about Virtue in Shroud of the Avatar.

Ultima series creator and Portalarium founder Richard Garriott will be joining the Hangout with the Avatar Virtuous Edition broadcast this week to answer a batch of Virtue-related questions submitted by Shroud of the Avatar fans. The broadcast will be a 30-minute focused session in which Garriott will field several questions from fans submitted via Google Hangout at #LBSotA_Hangout or by posting in the announcement thread.

You can watch the broadcast on Friday, September 27th at 2pm CT. A link to the broadcast will be posted 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Source: Shroud of the Avatar Announcement

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