Shroud of the Avatar Release 1 Launches Today

First Responder/Adventurer level backers for Shroud of the Avatar will have the chance to log in and play today.

If you backed Shroud of the Avatar at the First Responder/Adventurer level, youÂ’ll have the chance to login and play Release 1 later today. Early Access for those backers will start today with Release 1 at 10:30AM CT. Backers will be able to play through the entire phase until it ends at 10PM PT on Saturday, December 14th, 2013.

If you havenÂ’t patched up yet, get all the details and patch notes for what you can expect for Release 1 on the Shroud of the Avatar forums. While you're updating, be sure to check out our exclusive first-look at Shroud of the Avatar's Release 1 update.

Source: Shroud of the Avatar Early Access Release 1

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