Star Citizen Releases Economy Video, Crowdfunding Breaks $14 Million

Chris Roberts goes behind the scenes to explain the Star Citizen’s economy and celebrates another new crowdfunding milestone.

A lot is riding on Star Citizen. Chris Roberts carries the hopes of countless PC gamers, Wing Commander fans turned Star Citizen hopefuls with his new project. Support is not in short supply as the game has already broken the $14 million crowdfunding barrier, an impressive show of support for a game that is still a long ways from release and initially only set out to raise the modest goal of $500,000 in its Kickstarter campaign. With that goal now blown completely out of the water, Roberts offered a “thank you” to supporters and revealed additional content that will be added if the game hits $15 and $16 million.

In addition to the growing pile of money, Roberts also posted a new video to discuss the economy of Star Citizen that may or may not give fans of Privateer a warm tingly feeling. Give it a look below.

Sources: YouTube, Star Citizen Hits $14 Million

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