Star Citizen Rockets Past $30 Million

Star Citizen picks up momentum to break the $29 and $30 million mark to unlock even more content.

Star Citizen managed to gain a super dose of momentum last week, breaking both the $29 and $30 million stretch goals over the weekend to unlock both the enhanced mission design for Squadron 42 and the Origin 890 Jump.

  • Enhanced Mission Design for Squadron 42 – The team at Foundry 42 has big plans for Squadron 42, and we’re going to provide extra funding to make it a true spiritual successor to Wing Commander! Squadron 42 can go above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. From opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol to missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat, we aim to put you right into the action! Additional funding will let the team realize this, with enhanced mission design and more resources and animations to enhance fidelity.
  • Origin 890 JUMP – The rumors are true: Origin Jumpworks has a larger ship in the works! The Origin 890 JUMP is an interstellar super-yacht with exquisite styling and an array of high quality upgrade options. Travel the stars in style with multiple decks, high visibility windows and a small boat bay. Whether you’re outfitting it to explore new worlds or to take a pleasure cruise through Terra, the 890 JUMP is the epitome of luxury, class and refinement!

As of this writing, the current funding is already 87% of the way to the $31 million stretch goal to unlock the RSI Orion mining platform. As with each new stretch goal, Chris Roberts has penned a new Letter from the Chairman with more details and to call on backers to vote for the next stretch goal.

Source: Star Citizen Letter from the Chairman

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