StarCraft II - Protoss Robotics Units Stats and Strategy Guide

While the Robotics Facility's units won't win you the game alone, they'll make your life a whole lot easier.  Providing valuable options in scouting, attack locations, and splash damage, the Ro
While the Robotics Facility's units won't win you the game alone, they'll make your life a whole lot easier.  Providing valuable options in scouting, attack locations, and splash damage, the Robotics units each bring something to the field the Gateway and Stargate units cannot do nearly as well.  Some of these are more essential and traditional in some matchups, whereas others will be seen as wild cards and require a tech switch on your opponent's parts to deal with.  And that's exactly what you want--your opponent to react to you, not vice versa!

It's cloaked, and it can see cloaked units.

Its value goes far beyond its cost!


Cost - 50 Minerals, 100 Gas, 1 Psi
Build Time - 40 Seconds
Combat Stats - 20 shields, 40 HP, 0 armor.  Light and Mechanical armor types.  Permanently stealthed.  Detector.

Uses - When in doubt, go straight to a Robotics Facility and Chronoboost one of these out.  The information you can glean from even a quick pass can give you the intel needed to do a proper tech switch into something that counters your opponentÂ’s plans. 

More than one can be used to both monitor their main force, and watch over your own to protect from stealth threats.  Having spare observers patrol between the opponent's most likely expansion targets will give you the heads up and enable you to get into position to crush it the moment it finishes.

Be careful when moving these with the rest of your forces.  They not only fly, but move faster than most units of the Protoss army to begin with.  Blind attack moves will send the observer headlong into the enemy--and into detection or turrets.  Dead observers are like losing a Sentry--a loss you can deal with, but painful nonetheless.

You can right click an enemy to have the Observer follow it where ever it goes, but be warned that good players will see the invisible distortion trailing about behind them and take it out.  This tactic is very good to use on raiding armies or units, such as Reapers or Hellions if they're still being used at this point, and enemy Air forces.

The speed upgrade is largely a luxury thing.  Observers get the job done without it, and you can get it if you're trying to keep tabs on faster air units or maintain better vision on your patrol routes.


A tough guy that excels in killing other tough guys.  Beware though--your shields don't trigger on spell damage!


Cost - 250 Minerals, 100 Gas, 4 Psi
Build Time - 55 Seconds
Combat Stats - 100 Shields, 200 HP, 1 Armor.  Armored and Mechanical armor types.  Can only shoot ground units.
    Does 20 base damage, with 30 bonus damage to Armored units per shot.  Gains +2 base, +3 versus armored per upgrade.  Medium movement and attack speeds.  5 range.
    Hardened Shields - So long as the unit's shields are above 0, all damage dealt is reduced to 10 damage.  If the attack deals less than 10 damage, it is applied normally.

Uses - When against Armored units, you could use Stalkers with their bonus damage against Armored, or you could use Immortals, which absolutely maim Armored targets.  Dealing at least 50 damage a shot and firing at a decent rate, the Immortal is designed to counter heavy ground units.

Roach openings from Zerg, which are becoming more rare due to the Roach now being 2 supply each, are especially vulnerable to fast Immortals.  Having 2 or more Immortals in your force basically forces your opponent to abandon the heavy ground game and come at you with their initial combat units--Marines, Zealots and Zerglings.  Since all of these are Light targets that deal less than 10 damage per hit, the Immortal's effectiveness is crippled if it is forced to engage a small (literally) force.

As such, you need to be very careful of a switch to these units.  All of them are weak to Zealots, so a combination force of Zealots and Immortals will terrorize all ground units.  Immortals are meaty units, but unless they're eating Siege Tank rounds, you want to try and keep them alive as long as possible behind your line.  But be aware that composition can't shoot air at all.  Stalkers or Templar are necessary to fight air from the ground.

A fast Immortal can push hard against a teching Terran.  The insanely high damage forces a response immediately, or their wall falls.  Just don't go too heavy on these, or you will be crippled by EMP should they switch to Ghosts.  Ghosts are the bane of this unit.  Your shields will be completely destroyed, and it is those shields that make the Immortal, well, Immortal against heavy fire.

Focusing on the Armored units with these is critical.  Their damage is more than double against Armored targets.  If you cannot control that, go for a more traditional Gateway army.

While frail, the Warp Prism enables many tactics, both sneaky and standard.  Who doesn't like reinforcements?

Warp Prisms

Cost - 200 Minerals, 2 Psi
Build Time - 50 Seconds
Combat Stats - 40 Shields, 100 HP, 1 Armor.  Armored and Mechanical armor types.  Can lift and drop units.  Can go immobile to discharge a Pylon psi radius to build structures or warp in units from.

Uses - The main use of a Warp Prism is to get your Probes to island expansions.  Protoss lack an easy way to go about this, so a Warp Prism is typically relegated to Non-combat pick up, drop off nonsense. When doing this, it's important to conceal your Warp Prism well both during and afterwards--the moment your opponent sees a Warp Prism, they will look for your sneaky expansion.

The old Reaver + Shuttle tactic from StarCraft is alive and well in the Colossi + Warp Prism combo.  You can pick up a Colossus and drop it off to fire single shots, then pick it back up to dodge enemy fire and resistance.  Until your opponent can come up with a way to threaten your Warp Prism, this kind of harass can be devastating and can make your opponent hate life.

The final use, exerting a Pylon aura, is used primarily for rush tactics.  If your opponent has a stronghold, you could just pick up the units and drop them off; or you could have all of your Warp Gates summon in new reinforcements on the spot--behind enemy lines!  Useful for harassment mostly, but can also aid a defense by enabling quick and precise reinforcement of what is needed.


The bane of ground armies, the Colossus fears nothing, least of all terrain.  Walk up and down cliffs to create gaps in defenses and shake attackers off!


Cost - 300 Minerals, 200 Gas, 6 Psi
Build Time - 75 Seconds.
Combat Stats - 150 Shields, 200 HP, 1 Armor.  Armored, Mechanical, and Massive armor types.  Can only attack land units.  Can be attacked by anti-air weapons.
    Attack deals a line of splash damage, doing 15 damage per hit with two hits per laser sweep.  Attack upgrades add two damage to each hit.  6 range, 9 upgraded.

Uses - The role of Colossi is similar to that of the High Templar--wreck clusters of ground units.  While the Templar have higher range and damage with the Psi Storm, the opponent will not just stand there and eat it most of the time.  Colossi deal more damage over time, and have no mana bar to depend on to make it happen.

The range upgrade is absolutely essential.  You are not getting much out of these without it.  On the front lines, Colossi are targeted and instantly slain, and this gives them the range to sit behind and blast units into charred remains.  It's important to note that even with the devastating splash damage and range, Colossi have no minimum range and no friendly fire associated with their attacks at melee range.

Your primary threats are Vikings and Corruptors.  Both of these have a good range and can do massive damage per volley to a Colossus.  Keep your army tightly clustered, with anti-air nearby to intercept any interlopers.  This might render you vulnerable to spells, but it's better than being flanked and dying before getting off more than one shot.

Abuse their ability to walk up and down cliffs at any given time.  You can make it impossible to mine at many expansions, or escape a horde of Zerglings to fry them from above.  Most importantly, it lets these live.  That's the hardest part about using Colossi.  If you can keep the Colossi alive and firing, they will win you most battles.  They simply do so much damage to a crowd, so the bigger the battle, the more bang for your buck you get from these behemoths!

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