Starcraft II - Terran Units Overview

Posted Wed, Apr 21, 2010 by Stow

Ahh, the Terran army of Starcraft II.   Men and machines, united as one massive force, doing everything they can to stave off the variety of alien invaders... and deal with their own internal problems, if the books and campaigns are any indicator.  Familiar friends and new units are on the scene to give the Terran army some new tricks, and some of your favorites return with new traits and abilities!  The Terran War Machine is still somewhat immobile compared to the other races, but in a straight fight where the Terran is positioned correctly, Terran forces tend to come out on top.  So what forces will you be using to win the many battles of the campaign and multiplayer?  Read on to find out!

The Barracks - Trigger Happy Units for Hire


The usual suspects of Terran Infantry.  If the Ghost is a sniper, why does he have the same range as a Marauder?

- The staple of the Terran army returns, sporting the very same statistics from before in combat with a little boost here and there.  They still cost 50 minerals a piece, and do a base 6 damage per shot to all units both air and ground based.  They've upgraded the armor suits they wear and now walk around with 45 HP rather than 40 before, and that can be upgraded to 55 HP with the Combat Shields research.  You can still research Stimpacks to give your Marines a massive fire and move speed increase at the cost of 10 HP, and now that they're tougher and you can upgrade their toughness, you have no excuse not to!  Lone groups of marines are weak, but once you start rolling around with a pack of 10 or more, the firepower starts to add up very quickly.  Oddly enough, these are your best bet for all purpose anti-air.

   Marauders - Years of watching Marines fall apart to a stiff breeze has given the Terran R&D department a reason to take infantry to the next level.  The result is the Marauder, who packs an impressive 125 HP and 1 base armor.  Marauders no longer use the Gauss Rifles of the Marines, they have arm mounted Punisher Grenades that pack considerably more punch at 10 damage a shot, and a little more range.  These shots do double damage against Armored targets, such as Siege Tanks and other Marauders, making them quite potent against larger units.  With an upgrade, they also do a concussive shock to any units struck by the grenades, slowing them down greatly for a second.  This can be used to great effect to essentially dance around a melee target, peppering them with fire until they die and you take little to no damage in return.  Marauders can also use Stimpacks just like the marines, giving them high speed and a high rate of fire for a meager cost of 10 HP.  The Marauder has plenty of HP to burn, so stim up and let rip!  Unfortunately, all of this power and toughness also comes with a penalty of not being able to attack air at all.  Don't get caught massing these and then swept away by air!  You only need an attached Tech Lab to build them so you can access them very quickly for the meager cost of 100 minerals and 25 gas, but they take up 2 supply.

    Reapers - Because no Space Marine army, er, Terran army isn't complete without jump-jet infantry, the Reaper has arrived to bring mobility to the Terran infantry squads.  Moving faster than any other unit early on, they blast targets with dual pistols from medium range and demolish light units like Zerglings, Zealots, and Marines.  They also do high damage versus workers.  Combine these traits with the fact that cliffs are no obstacle to the Reaper and you have a dangerous raiding unit early on.  If the enemy has moved away all of their workers, or is putting up defenses, fear not--the Reaper double as a high damage siege weapon of sorts.  They can lob explosive charges versus buildings to force an engagement from units you can dance around.  A pack of reapers can kill an infinite number of Zealots or Zerglings (off creep) due to having range and a higher move speed.  Unfortunately as the game goes on, their usefulness begins to taper off. They cannot hit air, and at 50 minerals and 50 gas, they can tie up your gas which is used for important upgrades and big units.  Even with the high cost, the Reaper itself only has 50 HP.  You must pay attention to them very carefully--they won't win any fair fights, and have zero chance versus Armored-type units or Queens unless you have far more of them.  Dance around and make your opponents miserable!  If you need to dance even faster, there is a Nitro Packs upgrade at the Tech Lab to make them even more dangerous to your opponent's economy, but upgrading this is difficult to justify--by the time this finishes, your opponent will have the army necessary to fend off your raiders typically.

    Ghosts - The Angel of Nukes returns.  Ghosts are now far tougher, with a hundred hit points, and cost 2 population each.  Their rifle now does more damage, and does double damage against lighter units just like the Reaper's dual pistols.  Buff as they may be, you got them for their abilities, which can cause your opponent all kinds of grief!  With great power comes great costs though, and Ghosts are now a whopping 150 minerals and 150 gas.  This is more than a Siege Tank, but it's so worth it.

•      Snipe is an ability with a tiny energy cost that does 45 damage to a target.  This damage bypasses all kinds of absorption and armor.  You can only shoot organic units with this, but it enables you to take out key targets in the blink of an eye.  This ability instantly kills High Templar, making well used Ghost play essential if you see the opponent going for Templar.
•     Cloaking returns, with a tiny energy maintenance cost and a 25 energy initial cost to start it up.  You still are not revealed when you're firing or using abilities.  If you think your opponent is unprepared, you can sneak in and do terrible things to them.  This must be researched before it can be used.
•    Stealing an ability from the Science Vessel of the first Starcraft, Ghosts can now launch an EMP missile that destroys all energy and 100 Shields in the area.  This disables the high powered absorption of Immortals, removes the threat of Graviton Beams from Phoenixes, removes the energy from High Templar and softens up a Protoss army *greatly*.  You're probably noticing a trend here, and a few Ghosts are always welcome versus the Protoss.
•    Nuking the opponent is the only way to be sure, of course.  It takes longer to launch one now, at 20 seconds, but it no longer requires a separate building.  You build nukes at the Ghost Academy, which is required to produce Ghosts as well as an attached Tech Lab.  Nukes are now cheap and relatively fast to produce, at 100 minerals and 100 gas each.  Each Ghost Academy can only hold one nuke.  If you are looking to do some crazy tactics with multiple nukes, you'll need multiple Ghost Academies.  A nuke does 500 damage to buildings and 300 damage to units, so 2 nukes will be necessary to destroy most buildings and the biggest of units.


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