Google Gives a Nod to StarCraft by Zerging Search Results

Google gives a nod to StarCraft fans with a zerg rush that devours your search results.

Those crafty folks over at Google have given a nod to StarCraft fans with a little Easter Egg. If you head over to Google and search "Zerg Rush", youÂ’ll get a return of results with a bit of a twist. A zerging rush of red and green circles will come running out and attack each one of your search results, which come equipped with a health bar.

Zerg Rush

You can try to fend them off by clicking them with your mouse, but in much the same way that many that have fallen victim to StarCraft's zerg attack, you'll eventually be overwhelmed by superior numbers and the zergy Os will destroy your search page. After all of your search results have been decimated, all the zerg Os will form up and spell out a farewell GG. Well played Google.

Source: CNET

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