Jeff Strain on State of Decay and Zombies

Posted Mon, Sep 17, 2012 by Martuk

Undead Labs studio founder Jeff Strain recently sat down for a chat with Game Informer about the upcoming zombie survival game, State of Decay. While State of Decay (previously codenamed Class3) was originally planned to be a multiplayer zombie survival game and serve as an introduction to the upcoming online world currently codenamed Class4, the multiplayer option was unfortunately one of the features cut during development. But we may yet see multiplayer creep back in post-launch.

It’s no secret that co-op mode was one of our original objectives for State of Decay, because the game currently codenamed “Class4” is an online world. Game development is about hard choices, sometimes, and for the sake of the game, we chose to focus on our core concepts and systems: Survival simulation, action, dynamic content, and player empowerment with meaningful choices and consequences.

We do still hope to introduce co-op mode at some point after launch.

Strain also touches on the connection between the story of State of Decay and Class4, the challenges of creating an open-world game, the little things added to the game and the team's love for zombies.

Source: State Of Decay: Zombie Horror Goes Open World

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