First Phase of Beta Begins for MOBA Strife

Posted Wed, Dec 18, 2013 by Martuk

Strife, the second entry into the MOBA market from Heroes of Newerth developer S2 Games, is headed to its first phase of closed beta testing today. Strife was announced back in August and we had a chance to take an early look at how S2 Games is utilizing community-driven design and approaching accessibility for the new MOBA.

If you need more MOBA to occupy your time, you can sign up for the beta on the Strife website. A limited number of invitations will be sent out to players this week. Strife is expected to fully launch in 2014.

Source: S2 Games Press Release   


Accessibility through community-driven design is the name of the game for the new Strife MOBA. Join us as we take an inside look at the latest offering from S2 Games.

Thu, Aug 08, 2013
B. de la Durantaye

Heroes of Newerth developer S2 Games sticks its foot back in the MOBA pool with the community-driven Strife.

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Thu, Aug 08, 2013

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