Patch 1.2 Overview

Posted Mon, Mar 19, 2012 by Halfshell

Patch 1.2 has hit the Public Test Servers and is comprised of a list of Patch Notes big enough to fill two Death Stars (well one and three quarters).

Head over to Swtorhub for our Overview and the compete list of patch notes!

Ok first of all ~ CALM DOWN!This is no reason to kill yoeusrlf! Whatever happens today, tomorrow life does go on and it does get better, I promise!I have also been in TERRIBLE broken relationships in the past, and they obviously do have an impact on the relationship that you are in now. Naturally you will be damaged and will have issues. If your boyfriend knew about your past bad relationships, he knew the issues he would be facing in dating you. He was prepared for this. He probably gets angry at you and fights with you sometimes because he does feel a bit stressed, maybe he sees that you are still hurt from your damages from past relationships, and does not know how to make it right. He wants to be your saviour, and he doesnt know how to make you feel better and this makes him feel frustrated and angry. This is only one thought. On the other hand, he could just fight with you because you guys are having a normal arguement. All relationships have fights and arguements, its healthy and it shows you have open communcation. When you guys argue you can't project your past issues onto your new boyfriend. He is allowed to get angry with you sometimes, he doesn't have to be perfect all the time. Remember, he is a DIFFERENT man to the other bad ones. Give him a chance. If he upsets you, talk honestly to him. Don't blame him ~ just say to him, baby when you do A, B and C, it makes me feel sad. Open lines of communication are important. Don't be so clingy to him and rely on him for your complete happiness. If he didn't want to be with you, he wouldn't. I am sure he WANTS to give you a happy home and the family love that you never had. He is under no obligation, he is human, if he did not love you he would leave you, its as simple as that. Also, if he makes you feel unhappy, if he makes you feel like he is only with you because he feels obliged to fix you and love you, then maybe you should not be together. You also need to consider whether you are a whole, complete and healed person who is READY for a relationship. Perhaps you need some counseling, perhaps you just need some time alone finding yoeusrlf and getting to know and love who YOU are, without relying on anyone else for your happiness. The second you start needing someone to complete or repair you, you drain the life out of them, you make them feel suffocated. Build your own interests, think before you talk. Fight fairly, communicate clearly. Don't punish him for the hurt that other men have caused you.


I really don't understand racism in the real world. People are what people are, regardless of skin pigmentation or where their ancestors came from. There's really only one real-world race - the Human Race - and I loathe everyone equally.

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