Analyst Calls SWTOR Sales Concerns "overdone"

The Analyst Strikes Back – analyst calls sales concerns over Star Wars: The Old Republic “overdone.”
Yesterday EA’s stock took a dip amidst concerns about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (SWTOR) sales performance. While the analyst group at Macquarie Securities states that there are some concerns, they’ve also called the recent that the game isn’t selling as well as first hoped “overdone.”

SWTOR managed to entice more than one million players to sign up for a subscription in the first three days of launch. That of course, doesn’t take into account anyone that might have changed their minds since then, but out the gate that’s still pretty good in terms of box sales.

Macquarie's Ben Schachter believes that EA’s dip in stock prices is due in part to speculation regarding sales figures from outside parties. While NPD sales tracked appeared weak, the analyst believes a majority of SWTOR copies were sold through EA’s Origin platform, which have yet to be accounted for.

In light of this, the company has stuck with its "Outperform" rating, and believes that the game may achieve initial sell-in sales of 1.5 million -- although Schachter was quick to note that long-term sustainability of subscribers to the game is currently unclear.

Source: Gamasutra

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