Daniel Erickson Discuses Player Speed and New Content in SWTOR

BioWare discusses new content plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and their surprise at the speed of player advancement.

BioWare has made the same mistake with Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) as many others have in the past by underestimating the speed at which players reach the endgame. I’m honestly surprised that developers are still amazed by this. After all, leveling curves aren’t anything close to what they used to be, and we’ve had countless games that were far more level intensive than SWTOR come along and experienced the same thing.

BioWare laid out their plans to further expand SWTOR content at E3 2012 this week, a plan that was influenced by both advanced planning and in part to player behavior. BioWare’s Daniel Erickson sat down for a chat with GameSpy at E3 to talk about the speed that players advanced through the game, and what the team is doing to meet the challenges of new content.

"What we didn't expect was that our first group of players moved at record setting lightning speed. We got a game that in contrast to a lot of other MMO's, was actually fun to sit down and play through the level-up game. Which meant we got the longest play sessions that anybody had ever seen in an MMO. This also meant 'Oh my god, people have run through this stuff really quick.' Players moved to a new stage of SWTOR far faster than we expected them to."

Source: GameSpy

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