Devs and Players Talk About SWTOR in New Video

Posted Tue, Feb 21, 2012 by Martuk

BioWare’s latest video takes a look at the successful launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which the team has now stated has sold more than 2 million copies. While the game has certainly seen its share of issues post-launch, particularly with performance and with high level content, it has been one of the more successful MMORPG launches in the industry.

Check out the latest video after the break to find out what the devs and players have to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I can't believe the BS spin this far into launch, everything is fantastic there are no problem which is exactly what is wrong with this product and company.

They can make updates 'real quick', they 'address issues' when they come up? They listen to the fans and they know what we want? You wouldn't know it from their near non-existent presence on the forums where topics are locked and you are redirected to a thread that may cover some aspect of the locked topic and no one from BW responds at all.

Where are they with the deadest of servers? Where people are lucky to see double digit numbers in 'prime time'? Server transfers/mergers no word on that.

What about the lackluster Customer/technical service where these people seem to not understand what you are talking about, ignoring what you tell them, giving you canned responses that don't help anything, closing tickets without seeing if that solved your issue?

Where were they when we had issues DL the game in beta because of their content delivery network and the lack of a manual patching option? The same issue that persisted a month and more after launch where their CDN served up corrupted files. The problem there is their own launcher/installer won't touch a file with the tinniest corruption forcing a re-download of gigabytes over and over deleting existing files because the larger package might have some molecule of corruption.

Where are they on fixing the trade network that doesn't filter items properly 2 months after launch, how fast did they react to the Illum debacle and the other exploits in PVP, some of which still persist?

The last thing they should be talking about is how 'fast' they are to react and address things because they have been slow to too many issues.

I'd make a longer reply to the above rant, but I'm far too busy actually PLAYING the game and having a great time doing so!

You do well playing the game you enjoy but that doesnt keeps the top commnet from being spot on,on only a portion of problems SWTOR is having mainly because of its devs.


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