First SWTOR Hip-Hop Mixtape Arrives

Richie Branson has been having a lot of fun rapping about SWTOR and has released a new mixtape for all to enjoy.
You might remember Richie Branson from our story about his Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) rap video “Looking for Group”, but Branson has other songs attributed to his credit all in the name of having fun by singing about a hobby that we all enjoy. Branson has released a new mixtape aptly titled "Cold Republic Episode I: The Empire Likes Rap", which also has the prestige of being the first that we know of for the game and contains some of Branson's other SWTOR songs and it’s available for free on download on Branson's website and on his YouTube channel SwtorLEGIT.

And as a little disclaimer from Branson.

DISCLAIMER: This SWTOR mixtape is by no means meant to be taken seriously, it’s just meant to be entertaining. Enjoy!

So enjoy and have some fun with it. And Branson plans to make an Episode II if there's enough of a fan demand for it.

Thanks to Richie for the tip.

Source: Richie Branson's website

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