SWTOR Producer Talks Vehicles, Target Audience and a Pimp-Like Jawa

By Stacy Jones -

Last weekÂ’s E3 2011 yielded some juicy new information for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), but the one thing still on everyoneÂ’s mind is when the gameÂ’s release date will finally be announced.

MMO Report host Casey Schreiner managed to catch up to BioWare Senior Live Producer Blaine Christine at the event and prod him for new details about the game. While Casey tried to get a release date for SWTOR, the inevitable “we’re not talking about release” happened. But Casey did manage to get some details on player vehicles, a pimp-like Jawa companion and how BioWare will cater gameplay to players ranging from casual to the cosplay hardcore. Check out the full video interview over at


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