Hall Hood Hints at Future SWTOR Story

Posted Thu, Nov 29, 2012 by Martuk

Say what you will about Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), BioWare has kept their signature storytelling intact with the MMORPG. Lead Writer Hall Hood recently spoke with Massively about what the future holds for SWTOR’s story and how personal story decisions will help shape the future experience on the planet Makeb, which is currently in development. While Hall didn’t go too far into spoiler territory, he did discuss how players will be summoned to Makeb based on their previous story decisions.

Our goal when designing stories for The Old Republic is to ensure that they can be enjoyed both while playing alone or as part of a group, and Makeb is no exception. Players of all classes will discover that their previous adventures have made them bigger celebrities than ever before, with both enemies and allies recognizing the players' characters as some of the most important people in the galaxy. Players will be summoned to Makeb precisely because of who they are and what they've done in their class plots -- and their new adventures will place them squarely at the center of the Great War.

Hall also touched on the Hutt Cartel's growing involvement in the galactic conflict, the return of the Dread Masters and that a new mysterious faction called Shroud. Read the full interview with Hall over at Massively.

Source: SWTOR story secrets revealed by Lead Writer Hall Hood


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