BioWare Unleashes Star Wars: The Old Republic Intro Cinematic

Posted Mon, Jun 06, 2011 by Martuk

On the eve of E3 2011, BioWare has unleashed the new action-packed intro cinematic for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). If you've wanted to see what the intro that leads into the game looks like, the wait is over. BioWare's new intro cinematic for SWTOR is full of Jedi, Sith, Troopers and one Han Solo-like smuggler with a smooth hat. As with previous videos and in true BioWare fashion, the cinematic is loaded with action, lightsaber battles, emotional moments and betrayal. Check it out after the break.

Cool video! It makes me sad the new trilogy was so bad.

Agree 100%

The Star Wars Universe is so rich with possibilities, you'd think one had to actually try to mess it up.

Thus we see what happens when one discards the creative and good storytelling in exchange for merchandising.

The 2 biggest flaws imo was the direction for Anakin to be some bratty, whinny, punk...I swear he looked like he was going to cry in every scene! He should of become hardened, arrogant...backed up by his unprecedented ability. That's how i would of molded the character more, not bratty and irritating!

And the entire creation, idea, concept of JarJar Binks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yes, this video ROCKS!!!


I enjoyed the new trilogy, but it did have some weak points.

For me, the worst was the absolute destruction of Padme's character in Episode III. At least the book has her working politically behind the scenes to organize the opposition that would eventually grow into the Rebellion. But the movie - she basically just sat around and cried a lot.

Well, that and the terrible, horrible, stupid ending of the Anakin/Obi Wan fight. I waited around half my life to see how Anakin ended up in the Vader suit and it turns out he just couldn't jump high enough?????

And those aren't my only gripes. But I still did enjoy the films. And maybe more than that, my nine-year-old watched them something like 3,000 times on DVD. I remember how Star Wars wowed me as a kid, and the new trilogy apparently still had the power on her, so I guess they did something right.

That smuggler was awesome!

I enjoyed this trailer more than the three crappy prequels combined! I hate it when something gives me hope that the Star Wars I grew up with might come back because I always get disappointed.

I heard somebody complaining that Malgus was wimpy at first then turned into Super-Sith. They thought it was dumb that he was an apprentice but he easily overpowered the Jedi at the end when his master couldn't.

Seemed to me like that was on purpose - Malgus was intentionally holding back until the Jedi took out his master, then he took out both masters (Jedi and Sith) so that he could be the victor and new master.

I wish they would make a movie like this, but I guess its easier to make a 3 minute clip way more exciting that a 2 hour movie.

sooo true!


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