Life Day Comes to SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates the holidays snowball bombs, a sleigh mount, and other Life Day items.

Life Day has once again arrived in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). This year you can find a number of festive items on the Cartel Marketplace along with the Master of Ceremonies on both the Republic and Imperial fleet stations, which includes but is not limited to dancing in inclement weather, singing unpatriotic carols, nonviolent physical contact with wookiees.

In addition to carolers, non-violent wookie contact, and dancing, you can also snag some festive items this year that includes a sleigh vehicle mount and a Snowball Bomb, an item that when thrown at another player explodes and covers them in a sot layer of snowflakes.

You can read more about Life Day on the SWTOR website. Just keep your fingers crossed that the wookies don’t sing. If you’ve seen the Star Wars Holiday Special you know what I’m talking about.

Source: SWTOR Life Day

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