Limited Free Server Transfers Coming to SWTOR June 12th

Posted Wed, Jun 06, 2012 by Martuk

BioWare will begin the first steps to improve server populations for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) next week by allowing a limited number of server transfers from specific origin servers to select destinations. The transfer limits will vary depending on what’s needed to help balance a given server’s population, so the numbers will be limited. And don’t get your hopes up about consolidating your characters on one server during this optional move.

We understand that some of you may be looking to consolidate characters from a variety of origin servers onto one server, and others may be anxious to move to a specific server to be with friends. With the restrictions of this initial service, that may not be possible. We still believe that you will enjoy playing on a higher population server and hope you'll take advantage of the service, but you won't be forced to transfer.

A future version of the service may be available at a later date for a cost if you miss out on a transfer of your choice. For now, BioWare hasn’t revealed what servers will be available to transfer to or from, but a FAQ will be released at a later time with more details and restrictions. One restriction that has some players concerned is the lack of a full guild transfer. BioWare Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez posted a few details about the process relating to that restriction to help alleviate some concerns for guild leaders looking to keep their guild together for a transfer.

In order to ensure an optimal playing experience for every server, we’ll be offering direct transfers from one origin server to a pre-selected destination server. This means that the destination server will already be selected for the origin server. As mentioned in our blog post, all server types and languages will be respected. You will not find your PvE characters transferred to a PvP server, or vice versa.

Therefore, all guild members on the origin server will be eligible to transfer to the same destination server, ensuring that the guild has the opportunity to stay together.

Read the full post to find out more about the upcoming option and how it will affect your Legacy in SWTOR. The optional transfers are scheduled to begin on June 12th, 2012.

Source: SWTOR Server Transfer Announcement

That's pretty weak. I refuse to rejoin until the combine servers. I don't want to deal with all that crap I just want to log in and have my server be high population

way to not take care of your customers swtor


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