More Class Changes on the Way with SWTOR’s 2.5 Update

Posted Fri, Oct 18, 2013 by Martuk

BioWare has posted a preliminary list of their planned changes for classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (SWTOR) upcoming 2.5 update. While the list is subject to change, the changes are aimed at simplifying terminology for some skills and balancing others.

New Game Terminology

  • Cleanse - Removes a limited number of a certain type (or types) of negative effects, usually Force or tech, from the target.
  • Purge - Removes all negative dispellable effects from the target, usually yourself.
  • The Sith Sorcerer's Purge ability has been renamed Expunge.
  • NOTE: Many ability tooltips have been changed to clarify whether an ability cleanses or purges negative effects from a target.

No class is untouched in the update, making the list quite lengthy, especially given the alternate names of mirror class skills. So rater than going to deep into it here, you can read the full list of planned changes on the SWTOR website. If you have some feedback to offer, be sure to add it to one of these forums for the BioWare team.

Source: SWTOR 2.5 Class Changes

"No class is untouched in the update,"

Do you play this game? Please show me the updates to mercenaries/commandos.

" So rater than going to deep into it here, " <---need to fix this typo.


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