The Old Republic Beta Weekends on Hold

Updated Thu, Sep 08, 2011 by Halfshell

In a post today on the official Old Republic Forums Stephen Reid confirmed that there will be no Beta testing taking place this weekend. The reason for the delay appears to be the new build on the horizon as well as the large amount of data from the first beta weekend that just passed. Head over to Beta Postponed and get all the disappointing details.

I participated in the Beta this last Labor Day weekend. There a few things that the new build should cover, especially the one regarding memory management, that makes sense for them to take care of first before having another beta.
Asides from the minor annoyances related to people having trouble with graphics because they have older drivers for their cards, or the problem with newer ATI cards not performing well (typically because it's an ATI new driver problem), the game is VERY playable and enjoyable. So much so, that if the endgame play is as rewarding (as it has been with WoW, for years) then I will switch permanently to this game instead of World of Warcraft.
I will note that when there is lag, the current game kicks the crap out of players while the players can do nothing to attack or defend themselves. The last day of playtest was a super-lag nightmare (I believe a stress test by Bioware) and the only day where lag-death was occuring, but it shows that an alternative to combat resolution while there is lag is needed (hopefully, they read my final evaluation and take it to heart, because there WILL end up being lag at times for one reason or another).
It does have the potential to be the resting place for me for the next several years instead of WoW. That's saying something.


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