SWTOR's 2014 Road Map Outlines Content Plans

Senior Producer Bruce Maclean lays out the content plans for SWTOR’s 2014 content complete with new major updates and two expansions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is poised to officially launch the Update 2.6: Galactic Starfighter tomorrow. Subscribers and Premium status players have had the chance to play the expansion over the last couple of months, but the official launch will arrive tomorrow along with the rest of the 2.6 content. But thatÂ’s not all that BioWareÂ’s been working on behind the scenes.

Senior Producer Bruce Maclean today posted SWTORÂ’s ProducerÂ’s Road Map for 2014 to outline what this year holds for the MMORPG. Following the launch of 2.6, players can expect to see the 2.7 update around April 8th, adding a new Huttball map to Quesh, a new Galactic Starfighter battle zone, Nightmare Mode for the Dread Fortress, and two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban where the Empire and Republic will confront each other directly in a new storyline that will span all updates throughout the year.

2.8 will arrive on June 10th to add Nightmare Mode to the Dread Palace Operation, new ships and a new role for Galactic Starfighter, and other content that will be revealed later. Maclean does tease that this will be the biggest update to SWTOR yet. Along with all of that new content, SWTOR will also be hosting a Double XP Weekend event from March 14th -17th.

Lastly, MacLean also stated that the team plans to release two digital expansions this year, one similar to Galactic Starfighter in scope and the other resembling Rise of the Hutt Cartel. So if all of that piqued your interest, be sure to read the full update for more.

Source: SWTOR ProducerÂ’s Road Map 2014

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