SWTOR Bug Lets You Dance Your Way Out of Trouble

Posted Wed, Jan 04, 2012 by Martuk

Sometimes a bug comes along that you just have to laugh at because it’s a special kind of bug. Some people say dancing can get you out of trouble and in the case of the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) bug, it’s true.

According to a report from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a new bug has been found and is making its way around the net today. A fan made a post on the SWTOR forums that was apparently removed about the little exploit, but essentially players are apparently able to interrupt enemies and bosses by doing certain dance moves. This will no doubt be fixed up soon (at least I hope it will). We don’t condone or endorse using such exploits and using them could have serious repercussions on your account, especially given recent events. Massively has also reported on a bogus email ban circulating, so be advised that there a few troll posts out there ready to bait you on the subject.

Still, you have to wonder if there is a SWTOR dev cackling in the corner somewhere because he saw the same YouTube video I did (I know, terrible right?) some time back and thought it might be a funny thing to let something similar slip into the game.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun


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