SWTOR Crafting Schematics Coming Off the Endgame Loot Table

Crafting schematics are going to be off the endgame loot table in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Find out what’s changing after the jump.

Some of Star Wars: The Old RepublicÂ’s (SWTOR) Crew Skill professions (SWTORÂ’s version of crafting) have noticeably been missing endgame schematic drops from high-level content, prompting some players to inquire why this is the case on the official forums. In response to the inquiry, SWTOR senior community coordinator Allison Berryman tracked down systems designer David Hunt for an answer.

I talked to Systems Designer David Hunt about this, and (related to this question), he told me that content in the near future generally won't have schematics as drops in endgame content, and that those high-end schematics will come from reverse engineering. So, for content in the near future, schematics for all crafting skills won't generally be part of those end game loot tables.

We can probably assume that the "generally" part of that statement is probably meant to leave a little room to return and perhaps add a rare schematic or two at a later time should the team decide to.

Source: SWTOR Forums

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