SWTOR’s Galactic Starfighter Expansion Opens for Preferred Status Members

By Stacy Jones -

Subscribing players will have a little extra competition in their quest to become the top ace pilot in Star Wars: The Old RepublicÂ’s (SWTOR) Galactic Starfighter expansion today. If you previously subscribed to SWTOR or made a purchase that upped your account status from Free to Preferred youÂ’ll be able to join in on the 12v12 PvP space battles raging across the galaxy starting today as part of the Preferred member early access. Free players will have a chance to join the fight in February when the expansion officially launches.

You can get a peek at whatÂ’s in store for the chaotic space combat awaiting you today in the video below. Just be aware that, as Gunky points out in his article, itÂ’s probably not for everyone.

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