SWTOR’s 2.1: Customization Update Goes Live

BioWare adds new customization options and consumables with SWTOR’s latest update. Get all the details after the jump.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a bit more customizable following today’s new update. BioWare has added new dye packs, customization options, and change options for guild, Legacy, and character names. In addition, new Appearance Designer Kiosks have been added to the Fleet Station and capital worlds for each faction that will allow players to change the physical appearance of characters. Players can now also play as the Cathar species.

Patch notes for the 2.1 update are now available along with a new letter from Producer Cory Butler with all the details about the latest changes. The 2.1: Customization update trailer is available via the embed below for your convenience.

Sources: Patch Notes, Producer's Letter

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