SWTOR's James Ohlen Talks About Neutral Alignment Rewards

SWTOR neutral alignment players rejoice. There’s a system coming up to provide you with loot for playing the middle ground.

One thing noticeably absent much to the chagrin of many Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) players at launch were neutral specific alignment loot. The dark side and light side got theirs, but those that wanted to play the more balanced gray area were kind of left out. Luckily, thereÂ’s a little something on the way to fix that.

Speaking with PC Gamer, SWTOR Creative Director James Ohlen teased the new “gray” rewards and noted that with the next evolution, players will see light, dark and gray items get more powerful.

We donÂ’t want to force people. We were careful about the rewards for Light Side and Dark Side as well. We donÂ’t want to make them too impactful on the endgame because it would mean players wouldnÂ’t be allowed to join an Operation unless they were absolutely Light Side and or Dark Side. However, once we get to the next stage of our light side/dark side system, youÂ’ll see the rewards. Light Side, Dark Side and the grey items will all get more powerful.

ThereÂ’s currently no release date on when this will be added, but itÂ’s certainly good news for those that like to play the middle ground and keep their options open.

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