SWTOR's James Ohlen Talks About Rise of the Rakghouls and March Update

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s first big update is set for next week and it now has a name and new trailer.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun managed to scavenge some additional information from BioWare today for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (SWTOR) first major update now called Rise of the Rakghouls.

The story intensive update is scheduled to launch January 17th and add a new Flashpoint, more raid bosses and more. You can read more over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun along with their recent interview with Game Director James Ohlen in which Ohlen states Guild Banks and the PvP and Legacy system updates will also be coming in March along with a the second part of the Rise of the Takghouls Flashpoint, a new planet and a new warzone.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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