Hands-On with Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2

Posted Tue, Mar 13, 2012 by Xerin

We spent some time hands-on with Star Wars: The Old Republic's patch 1.2 and we've got all of the juicy details on the upcoming Legacy System, U.I. customization, the new flashpoint and warzone, and so much more.

The interface is simple enough. By pressing 'Y' on the keyboard you're able to pull up the new Legacy window. Here you will have several options on how to develop your Legacy. First, you can create your family tree with a simple drag-and-drop interface. All of your characters on the server appear on the left and you place them on the flow-chart-style page in the interface. You can set various relationships like spouses, siblings, parents, allies and step-children to flesh out the lineage. I imagine the role-playing community will have a hay-day with this one.

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