Top Five Things The Old Republic Got Wrong

Posted Fri, Mar 23, 2012 by jeffprime

five things star wars the old republic got wrong

Star Wars: The Old Republic successfully launched to a great rejoicing in the Force and rabid fans have been playing the game at a feverish rate. However, with such a splashy launch and fans' desire to immerse themselves into the Star Wars universe, it's quite easy to overlook some aspects of the game that don't live up to expectations. Let us examine the top five aspects of gameplay that The Old Republic got wrong.

In the five things that The Old Republic got right article, I talked at length about the great use of story. However, there is a hugely disappointing side to the story coin. I had great hopes for the plethora of choices that a player could choose as they adventured throughout the Star Wars universe. After all, BioWare has made amazing games (the Mass Effect games) that featured agonizing choices that had an almost infinite number of repercussions to whatever choice a player made within the game.

Sadly, a player's actions have no real consequences in The Old Republic. The only real impact of a player's decisions is if they lose or gain a companion's affection or gain Light Side or Dark Side points. That's it. Making a choice at the end of a mission doesn't come back to bite you in the backside later. The only repercussion that my level 50 Bounty Hunter encountered in all his choices was that a Jedi padawan that he let live was part of a group that later tried to take him prisoner. Only one consequence in fifty levels? Not a great average.

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