SWTOR: Addressing the Tiered Warzone Problem

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Game Update 1.1 will throw level 50s in their own tier and we examine if this is a winning scenario or advances the problem.
I have actually stopped leveling in Star Wars: The Old Republic because I, for one, can’t wait for Tuesday’s patch to sort out the level 50 problem in the warzones. I may only have a few levels left, but I’d like to enjoy leveling up in the warzones for those last few levels and as things stand right now it’s impossible. The level 50s have something called “Expertise” that allows them to basically stomp over anyone level 49 and below and in the Tuesday patch they will be jailed away from their comrades in their very own warzone tier. This will segregate players from their friends as this Band-Aid patch tries to solve a much larger problem.
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