SWTOR Bounty Hunter Companion Guide

Posted Tue, Feb 28, 2012 by jeffprime

star wars the old republic bounty hunter companion guide

The galaxy is a dangerous place, but also one filled with opportunity and the chance at making a pretty penny cashing in on bounties. However, to be a first-rate Bounty Hunter in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’ll need a solid crew behind you. This is where the Bounty Hunter’s companions come into play. Which one is best for you? Well, that’ll depend upon the situation and what you need from your companion. To that end, has put together a complete guide to the Bounty Hunter’s companions, including their combat acumen, crew skill bonuses, and likes and dislikes.

Mako's nature is that of a sweet-hearted girl with lots of tenacity, spunk, and a mischievous nature by flaunting rigid authority. If you're looking to go Dark Side, then Mako will really cramp your style. If you plan on making a Dark Side choice at the conclusion of a mission, I would dismiss her and summon another companion. To be honest, I don't know why someone with her personality would choose to be a Bounty Hunter.

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, "I don't know why someone with her personality would choose to be a Bounty Hunter."

then you didnt follow the story at all. its well explained in the beginning of BH class quest line

Sure, it's explained, point made. It still doesn't fly that she's in with that kind of crowd. Anyone who grows up on the street has an edge to em, and my pro-Empire choices shouldn't offend her as much. Mako is likely the worst companion of any class. She makes up for it with her looks, a little.

Very Nice!

I have to say that Mako is a real disappointment. I have about 7k affection with her, only because I give her companion gifts- alot. About halfway through the BH missions, I really stopped caring if she liked what I did or not. In fact, I started to enjoy being mean to her.

Now I don't even pay attention how much affection I lose or gain with her-she's not quite as bad as having to second-guess choices with Kaliyo (IA), but at least Kaliyo is hot and nasty.

Mako is, however, a primo healer and as a BH tank, I like that. Any positives aside, I'd trade her for almost anyone- even the ship robot- if they could heal like she does. If I could put Skage's personality in Mako's body, that would be perfect!


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