SWTOR Bounty Hunter Class Guide

Posted Fri, Dec 16, 2011 by jeffprime

Relentless in the pursuit of their prey, the Bounty Hunters of The Old Republic are feared across the galaxy for their deadly tenacity. Learn more about Bounty Hunters by reading our class guide.

The Mercenary has quite a few ranged attacks with blasters and missiles that deal out tons of damage to a single target and some AoE attacks. To keep those pesky foes away, you’ll gain abilities such as Jet Boost (level 14), which knocks foes away from you, and Chaff Flare (level 30) which lowers your threat towards all current enemies. By the late teens (in levels), you’ll have a formidable array of devastating attacks. You will definitely have to keep an eye on your heat and make sure that you vent appropriately so as not to stop certain attacks from working.

Head over to and read the Bounty Hunter Class Guide.


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