SWTOR Top Five Valuable Items in Patch 1.2

Posted Thu, Apr 12, 2012 by jeffprime

star wars the old republic top five most valuable items in patch 1.2

With patch 1.2 looming in the horizon for rabid Star Wars: The Old Republic players, there is a lot of new content and changes to existing content. One aspect that players always focus on with major updates is equipment. What new items will players long to possess and what already in-game items will change that will affect players' bank accounts? To that end, looks at the top five valuable items in patch 1.2 for The Old Republic.

Our third item in our top five list for The Old Republic's patch 1.2 is legacy armor. These armor sets can give a nice leg up to your alts and can be found on the capital planet of each faction. Overall, there are four sets of legacy armor and they vary by character level and legacy level.

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