Top Five Mounts in SWTOR

Posted Tue, May 22, 2012 by jeffprime

top five mounts in swtor

Speed. All MMO players crave it, desiring to get their characters from point A to point B as fast as possible. Who wants to waste time running on foot from one end of Tatooine to another while there's a quicker, and not to mention more stylish, method to do so - mounts. Mounts in SWTOR take the form of speeders and there are three kinds of speeders available to players: hoverbikes, speederbikes, and landspeeders. No matter the different tags or appearance, all mounts in SWTOR do the same thing, allow the player to increase their movement speed so they can spend more time engaging in lightsaber duels or fulfilling bounties as opposed to hoofing it across the various planets in the galaxy? Another question is, which mounts are best in SWTOR? To that end, picks the top five mounts found in the game.

The Tirsa Elite is a rank 3 landspeeder that is gloriously red. As everybody knows, a red vehicle goes faster than a non-red one! (Actually not true, but many people believe that the police ticket more red cars than cars of other colors.) The Tirsa Elite mount drops from several different entities in SWTOR. It is dropped by Soa in The Eternity Vault and also from the last boss in Kaon Under Siege on Hard Mode.

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