SWTOR - Two Prime Chest Farming Locales

Posted Thu, Jun 07, 2012 by jeffprime

star wars the old republic two prime chest farming locales

Credits make the galaxy go around in SWTOR, no matter if you're a hard-bitten Bounty Hunter or a wily Smuggler. Every character needs credits, and the more, the merrier. Having the best gear and vehicles cost a lot of coin, not to mention forays on the Galactic Trade Network or high stakes games of sabacc in the back corner of smoke-filled cantinas. In an effort to pump up your bank account to where even a Hutt will blush, is here to showcase two prime farming locales.

Our first prime chest farming locale in SWTOR is found on Corellia. In the Labor Valley region of Corellia, there are a total of ten chests just waiting to be plucked for their riches by players. The location for the chests lie between the Imperial War Camp and the Republic Base, with the chests being closer to the Imperial War Camp. Keep an eye out as you go around looting these chests as the area is contested and you never know when the other faction may show up.

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