SWTOR Vanity Pet Guide

Posted Tue, May 01, 2012 by jeffprime

star wars the old republic vanity pet guide

Does your character feel lonely while traveling throughout the galaxy in SWTOR? Are your companions not filling that void in your life as you quest amongst the stars? The answer to your need is simple, pets! There are a number of vanity pets that can be found or purchased in SWTOR to make sure your hero has the unfailing loyalty and friendship that can only be found in pets. To that end, has put together a guide to vanity pets found within the game.

Orobirds are vanity pets that are hatched from various eggs. There are three different orobirds and each comes from a different type of egg. Once you have an egg, you'll need to travel to Tatoooine to the Judland area, where you'll find some structures (335, -1862). At the base of these structures (placed randomly) is a water access panel. Use the panel to get a "Refreshed and Sustained" buff. After you get the buff, go to the Czerka Archaeological Site found in The Dune Sea (-2329, -405) and you can stand between some solar panels pointing inward to hatch the egg.

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