E3 2011: New TERA Screenshots Get Political

En Masse Entertainment impressed fans at E3 2010 TERA and this year brings even more juicy details as the game gets political.

En Masse Entertainment is showing off more of their action MMORPG TERA at E3 2011. Last year we got the chance to play an impressive demo of the game and this year our ground team had the chance to sample the game's latest content and political system. While you wait for that juicy bit of content, cut your teeth on a new batch of E3 2011 TERA screenshots complete with a look at the game's impressive environments and political system.

Check back at Ten Ton Hammer later for a new preview of TERA's latest E3 2011 content.

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Tera_Action_Screenshot1 Tera_Enviroment1 Tera_Action_Screenshot2
Tera_Action_Screenshot4 Tera_Action_Screenshot5 Tera_Action_Screenshot6
Tera_Enviroment2 Tera_Enviroment3 Tera_Enviroment4
Tera_Political1 Tera_Political2 Tera_Political3
Tera_Political4 Tera_Political5 Tera_Political6
Tera_Political7 Tera_Screenshot1 Tera_Screenshot10
Tera_Screenshot11 Tera_Screenshot12 Tera_Screenshot13
Tera_Screenshot2 Tera_Screenshot3 Tera_Screenshot4
Tera_Screenshot5 Tera_Screenshot6 Tera_Screenshot7
Tera_Screenshot8 Tera_Screenshot9


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