Kicking Ass and Looking Good – TERA High Elf Race Reveal Q&A with Dave Noonan

Updated Wed, Feb 16, 2011 by Ethec

Anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for the upcoming action-MMOG TERA. This month, En Masse Entertainment is releasing their latest race reveal – the High Elves! To learn all we can about our favorite pointy-eared race, Ten Ton Hammer talked to Dave Noonan, Lead Writer for TERA about what makes elves unique in the world of TERA.

Dave Noonan: TERA’s high elves are spread broadly across player classes—that’s part of the game’s approach to design. There are no “race X makes the best class Y” situations in TERA. That said, high elf culture certainly favors its sorcerers and slayers, and a theoretical high elf census would reveal fewer priests and berserkers. High elf berserkers certainly exist, though—after all, one of the most important NPCs in the game is a high elf berserker.


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